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International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems

ACM Conference on Embedded Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings

BuildSys 2014 (1st conference)


The fifth International Conference on Smart Grids, Green Communications and IT Energy-aware Technologies

Conférence ACM e-Energy

The ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems

  • E-ENERGY 2015 (6th conference)

  • E-ENERGY 2014 (5th conference)

  • E-ENERGY 2013 (4th conference)

  • E-ENERGY 2012 (3rd conference)

  • E-ENERGY 2011 (2nd conference)

  • E-ENERGY 2010 (1st conference)

The international conference on Persuasive Technology

  • PERSUASIVE'16 (11th conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'15 (10th conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'14 (9th conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'13 (8th conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'12 (7th conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'11 (6th conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'10 (5th conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'09 (4th conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'08 (3rd conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'07 (2nd conference)

  • PERSUASIVE'06 (1st conference)

CHI 2011 sustainability community invited SIG: framework & agenda

CHI '11 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems

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